Everyone has a purpose.

Love your Kids with All your Might.


WHEN I was about 12yrs old, I asked my mom why she loved my brothers more. I had based my question, being the oldest and felt like I had to do so much more than them and for them. She sat me down next to her, I knew she loved me. Then she got my attention and said, “you see my hand? You see my thumb? My index finger? Now, if I cut my thumb off or my index finger off, which one would hurt the most?” I answered “They hurt the same!” My mom was so proud and continued, “that’s right, they hurt the same, because they are a part of me and they each have a purpose.” At that moment I realized that, not only did my mom think that I was valuable to her, just like my brothers. From that day on, I began to love my brothers more because they are a part of me.

Love my mom, she has to be one of the most wisest person I know.

The Gift Of Breath

Breathe To Awakenings…

Another year, lived to the fullest, has gone by. So much has happened, the fires the cold fronts and pollution, and yet universe still holding her own. Trying to survive our cruel and selfish decisions. We all go on everyday as if everything is fine. Our petitions to have and live well have become more materialistic. I am not going to say it’s all bad, there are many who are becoming more conscious about their health habits and that’s all good. I see it as making up for lost time. Before all the food chains came into our lives, we had good choices and were not hard to define them. Simplicity would be a great place to start the new new year. Making realistic decisions that have better outcome for living a healthier life. It’s really not that difficult. Being thankful, for being able to breathe, just breathe. That itself is a gift. When you begin to become more conscious of this gift you will appreciate everything else, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, that right there is a gift. Take time and say thank you universe for the gift of breath, and commit to it, in making better decisions so that it will continue to nurture us with all the wonderful gifts it has to give us. With love and respect, always. Me20171007_1758571585187177.jpg

“Even in the darkest moment, know that light is existing within you.”

“Only those who live peacefully will see your light”

No matter how you may think that things are not going to get any better and all you see is nothingness, no hope, no faith for things to turn around. Remind yourself that you too have the power to be the light and can turn things around. As soon as we remember that we have the power to put ourselves in a  peaceful place, we become light and light defeats darkness. Find joy in the smallest occuranceses in life and smile. It’s then when you began to feel the light within you and discover that light will propel to those around you that are at peace and see that light. Those are the gifted ones because they are privileged to be brighten by your light and you too will bring them peace.

Expect it… Others do see the world different than you.

See your world with your eyes, but don’t expect everyone else to.

In the midst of all that is happening on our Earth, I still come into contact and have short conversations with people who enjoy being here. It’s then that I hear this tone from them as if they would like everyone to see the world through their eyes. It’s hard to believe but some still don’t get why no one can do this. I like to think that they are just sort of in between their awaking and soon very soon they will realize that we are all wired differently. And when they do awake they can too stop and actually look around and see that   e v e r y t h i n g  and  e v e r y o n e has its place and purpose here. That this, is all connected and somehow we are just where we ought to be. I too have these blank spaces I call them commercials, sort of like a distraction. But just like a commercial it is short and I can quickly tune it out and get back on track. It’s not easy, actually it is harder than it sounds, but very doable. Just takes lots of practice. I also know a few, whom I have a lot of respect for; for they have shown acceptance and surrender here. They don’t see world like me, they see it through their eyes and understand that whoever they are in that moment is because of what living here has gifted them and this is what they’ve become. Live every moment and take time to see your world and love it.

“but they “look” so happy and rich”

Being rich doesn’t mean having money or material things. It’s having values and morals.

Happiness is something that happens when we accept any situation as it comes. When we put resistance on what life is giving us, the situation seems to get worse. But in reality it’s how we view it at that moment. Then, as the minutes, hours and days go by we can see why things had to happen the way they did. There is no other way or what ifs. That was it. But the moment we change from resistance to acceptance it just seems so much easier to get over the “bad”things that are happening, so much quicker. Your approach and attitude in accepting and embracing situations just makes you much more richer not monetary, though it may seem like you have more money, but with wisdom and character. So don’t be quick to judge a book by its cover, sometimes the ones with no titles on the front, hold more in within.